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High-Performance training 


with real experience

We know first hand the importance of quality training before events and what is required to reach your goals.

We bring together top sailors with a common objective to form a compeditive environment. This allows for testing real world situations to play out providing the opportunity to develop in identified areas that will give you the greatest gain.

In our programs we aim to help compeditive sailors break into or improve within the 20% of the fleet. So if you want to take your racing to the next level, then you have found the ultimate platform to succeed and achieve your goals.

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Key points


Limited positions for high coach to sailor ratios


A performance racing and tactics focus


Compeditive environment to test sailors


Coaches competiting at the top levels in their classes


Exclusive online training resources

What Sailors Think


I have found both the coaching and the articles/videos very helpful. I was improving at a slower pace doing club coaching but the style of your training sessions seemed to be better for me.

Flynn Wilson

Wakatere Boating Club

Sean & Liam were a great pair of coaches and have helped me so much in both the Bic and the Starling

Caleb Newton

Wakatere Boating Club

I have found this coaching programme most successful and it was a very valuable programme to be apart of. I have made huge gains coming out of each session as each training has been filled with me learning new information to help me go forward and excel in my sailing as a whole. I have thoroughly enjoyed every coaching session and have learnt all about the starling and have improved sailing in racing conditions, as well as taking away what I have learnt and seeing now what it opens up for me looking forward. I am very impressed by the amount of focus and effort that was poured into every training and to see how much everyone improved overall is all thanks to the Herbert’s. I can’t wait to continue coaching with them in the future.

Many thanks.

Chloe Salthouse

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