Today on the water was the first day of the pre-worlds and seeding races. We use these races over the next two days to get a feel of the courses we will be racing on and the competitors, their technique and weaknesses.

We had three trapezoid races ran today. I had good races throughout the day, but there is plenty of room for improvement which my coaches (brothers and dad) have talked to me about, just simple things like being on the start line powered up for when the horn blows and getting of peoples bad air. I am glad that I am making these mistakes now so I can learn from them and not make them again at Worlds. I had a brilliant first start and rounded the top mark fifth, but after capsizing at the top mark and having a penalty turn, I placed 8th. On the second race I held my ground of the starting line but after taking out onto the wrong side of the course the others gained on me, and many overtook me making me 8th. On the last race, a had a shocker of a start. I started second-row sitting in everybody’s bad air of their blanket zone and backwind zone the worst thing was, I was trapped. I had no exit I couldn’t tack out or bear down I rounded the top mark 14th and made up three places down and upwind back up to the top before going down to the wing down to the bottom and a reach to the finish placing 9th.

I am coming 6th overall and second kiwi which is a brilliant result. I’m so glad I have this opportunity right on my doorstep, and being able to compete at worlds after watching my brothers do it for so long is such a great feeling.