Going into today, I was sitting 15th, I had some work to do and some new incentives, if I was going to get top ten I had to put my game face on. I had to get single digit results which are tough work as the standards in this regatta are very high. The conditions where forecasted moderate 10-12 knots most of the day but at times the wind dropped off.

On the first race, I had a good start, I still could have been slightly further forward on the line as my starts need to improve, they are one of the main parts that let me down in my races. On the upwind, I went to the wrong side of the course, and if I tacked out earlier, I could have caught some shifts out to the righthand side of the course and tacked out of bad air, as my dad always says “cut your loses, the position you round the top mark is 90% of the time the position you will roughly finish in”. I rounded the top mark 20th and made up some ground on the downwind yet, I made the same mistake, after I turned the bottom gate I tacked out left again!! (as dad reminded me after) I finished 17th in that race.

On the second race, there was a general recall. Throughout the day it seemed I would have great starts, and then there would have a general recall. After that, I had a shocking start third row back, stuck in bad air, and pointing too high and slow, so it wasn’t a great start to that race however I came back a little bit after capsizing at the top mark. I got back about 5 places and finished 24.

On the last race, there was another general recall. I had a great start after that and rounded the top mark second before capsizing, 4 competitors passed me while I was righting the boat, I lost another place on the second upwind after going too far to the right side of the course, i was trying  to minimise the amounts of tacks I did. I finished 7th in that race, my best result of the day.

After today’s racing I moved up one place to 14th overall. Tomorrow the teams racing has been cancelled so they will run 3 fleet races, allowing me to drop another race and then on Friday there will be one more race before prize-giving.