Today is the second to last day of racing for the 2019 O’pen Bic Manly Worlds. I was placed 14th after the previous eight races were I had a 10, (39), 31, 5, 12, 17, 24, 7, looking at those I know you’ll be thinking ‘well she has a variety of results there’. The conditions were 14-16 knots through the day, but there was definitely stronger winds in different parts of the course. Top ten was still a long way away from my standings, so I had to get some good results to bump me up the leaderboard.

On the first race I had I brilliant start clear air, favoured end of the line, and powered up, I was pretty much leading the fleet to the top of the course, slowly the two top sailors in the fleet crept up on me. The course we were racing today was a slalom course which is a very long upwind beat 0.9 miles, (around three times the length we have been doing in our trapezoid course), then a reach and several marks going down to the finish line that you have to weave around. I rounded the top mark 7th but made up places through the reaches. At the finish line another boat pushed me right up till we were almost pointing at the top mark again, but as soon as we were within the boat length to the finish line, I had a gust of wind pointed back at the finish line and sailed right past him finishing 5th in that race.

For the last race of the day, I was disqualified for being the slightest bit over the line, and I heard my name over the radio. I continued in the race watching the other boats more than being competitively racing. I was watching how the top boats sailed and what they did when they entered a gust. I was also looking at how the boats went heavily to the favoured side of the course which I don’t think was a smart idea. They should sail a little bit over on one tack, then tacked back to see if they made any gains, if so tack back, if not see if there was a quicker way to get to that side of the course. If I weren’t disqualified, I would have finished 9th in that race, but instead, I got a 65th UFD which I drop.

Overall I moved up two places after the 5th and then back down one position to 13th after the UFD. We have two more races tomorrow and then prizegiving. Hopefully, I can get into top ten, it’s going to be very difficult I will have to get top 5 results in the two races which I am more than capable of doing, if I stay focused, have a good start and, play the game tactically.