Today was the last day of the O’pen Bic Worlds for 2019. I have had so much fun over the past week and a half. There’s been some tough races but a huge learning experience for me. I may not have got the results I would have liked, but for my first international event, it was a fantastic result. They coincided the nationals into the worlds, so I finished 5th at nationals and 1st girl. The conditions today were very windy. I’m not great I high winds because I don’t train in them too often you usually try to avoid these high amounts of breeze when they do come in, which isn’t very often. The course for today was the trapezoid course, which is the same course as the beginning of the regatta.

On the first race, I had a shocker if a start, but I didn’t stop thinking about how far I had come and just used it as motivation. I rounded the top mark 6th and went speeding on the downwind and kept my position on the upwind beat. After rounding the top mark, it was a reach, then downwind a gybe and another reach to the finish. All the other competitors in front of me and behind me were trying so hard to catch up, but my gameplan for these windy conditions was to play it safe because, if I capsized I knew I was in trouble, you don’t sail to fast with your sail underwater. BOOM my main-sheet unthreaded through the cleats, and I capsized, by now I was about to have conniptions of having to put my hand up for help, and my race being automatically placed as a 65th because I would have had outside assistance. So instead of that, I thought I might as well finish the race because the worst I could finish was 64th and, 64th is better than 65th. For regattas like these, every point counts. I finished 12th so not too dramatic considering I sailed with a broken mainsheet. 

On the next race, the wind picked up even more. I had another horrendous start this time even worse than last. I had a new gameplan, but my brain was wondering and not staying focused. Once I got my head back in the game, I knew exactly what I had to do, but I just didn’t execute. I went entirely to the opposite side of the course, no reason why, I tacked whenever I got a lift, no reason why, and I capsized, no reason why. Everything I did was the opposite what I should have been doing and been taught. I caught a group of competitors on the last downwind and, finished 24th.

I finished 5th kiwi, and 14th overall for my first international regatta and worlds. It’s such a great feeling and I’m still buzzing after that experience I have learnt so much and knew that I could do so much better it gives me so much more confidence.

Full results here.