Today was the last day of the O’pen bic pre-worlds. After yesterdays racing I was sitting 6th overall after having an 8th, 8th, and a 9th. I had plenty to improve on, but as the day went on, I couldn’t get the boat sailing as fast as i would have liked and still no clean, decent starts.

The wind was light and had turned south overnight which was weakening throughout the day the average wind was around 5 knots with gusts of 7 knots. My first start wasn’t great the best thing about it was that I was moving it was not the most desirable position to be starting in. On the upwind, I was continuously pointing to high and was losing ground quickly, it didn’t help that there were times that I was trapped in peoples bad air, but I made a small portion of my places back through the rest of the race. At the end of the leg, the wind swung slightly east and ended up finishing 26th which was the race that I dropped.

On the second race, there were three postponements to the under 17 fleet racing before us because the wind was shifting majorly back and forth. Once they started and our sequence was underway I sailed up and down the line to see if there was any difference in the angle of the wind or wind strength along the line. I had a better start, still in the second row but had a clean lane and momentum, it was a challenging race after that the wind was dying and becoming fluky, and I couldn’t keep my pace I crawled back on the downwinds and the second upwind leg finishing 16.

Overall for the O’pen bic pre-world, I finished 9th, I have so much to work on tomorrow which is a gap day before the O’pen bic worlds start.