Competitors gathered at Waitangi for 29er Nationals at the Bay of Islands Yacht Club. With a 21 boat fleet including two boats each from Wellington and Australia. Most crews got on the water on Friday for a short sail plus measuring that night. Unfortunately, on the arrivals of a weather front that night, the morning delivered the building of wind pressure and rainfall, racing was abandoned. Gladly we had not been launched to find out that it would not a race-able and have to return to shore for a pack up in the downpour and windy conditions.


On day two, the conditions went from one extreme to the other! With racing postponed till, lunch we got on the water to some light conditions with an impressive swell rolling in. After some general recalls, abandonments and postponements, we got three races away. We sailed well placing a 2, 3, 4 putting us in the best position we have ever been in for a 29er regatta.

It was a challenging last day of the 29er NZ Nationals Championship with light 11 knots for the first race of the day freshening to a breeze that ended up too much after the 8th race cancelling the rest of the day. After coming into the day in third and knowing that the conditions would shake the order a little I knew I had to try and get consistent results and be up the front to maintain position. Unfortunately, we did a little bit of the opposite which dropped us down the leader-board to 8th which is not where I wanted to be! So with my first season done in the 29er, it’s time to review and look at the next tack should be for next season.