What an experience! Young Guns first Race week was one that will never be forgotten in many ways.

Day 1 we had a bit of a bump in the road but we managed to salvage a 12th on the General Handicap and PHRF. Unfortunately this bump cut our chances of a regatta top three finish short. On day 2 we bounced back showing our potential with a 3rd under General Handicap and 5th on PHRF. Day 3’s performance was even stronger, holding off 50 footers for a chunk of the race to come in 5th General Handicap and 5th on PHRF. The results were so close there was a mear 11 seconds between us in 5th and the boat in 2nd on corrected time. In the end we finished up 5th in the regatta, if you would like to see the full results you can here.

On the final day we had a chance to catch some footage and get in a couple of halyard swings too which you can check out in the video below.

Considering this was the first time several of the team had sailed on the boat and hence the first time the team had sailed together it was a great performance. Definatly a time to mark off on the calender for next year.