Over the weekend I sailed in the Bay of Islands Inter-school regatta, run in conjunction with a regatta for the Starling Traveller Series. There was a great turnout of 36 boats which was 11 more than the regatta on Monday and Tuesday. Because this was also a Traveller Series, there was also the increase in competition with attendance from stronger sailors than the last regatta.

The regatta bought much like the Wakatere regatta very changeable conditions with only one race being proper hiking on the first day. In contrast, all the other races on day one were light and shifty with one race I was tacking far too much for my liking on the first beat. Otherwise, the second day was a lottery with breeze vanishing on one race. I was leading the group to the right-hand side, just got hiking on the edge of the pressure and then it was gone, and I was stuck out on the wrong side. Playing it smart I clawed back to 10th which was somewhat respectable considering the events. I bounced back in the next one coming from well behind again to finish 2nd and close the regatta out only carrying top 2 results, a very pleasing end.

It is great to see that with the increase in fleet size, competition, testing conditions and one more race, I still finished on the same points as the last regatta. This gives me confidence that I am holding my own and a good result that has shown me what I need to improve on before the nationals.