Yesterday was the first day of racing for the Waszp Worlds here in Perth. There was a bit of cloud cover which seemed to hold the breeze back, and so we had postponement up for a bit while we waited for the breeze. Gradually the breeze died and then swung around to its normal direction and we were cleared to hit the water.

Pre-racing, I felt as though the boat was setup good and I was going well against others but as the breeze built through the racing it felt as though my issue of lacking the ability to sail high came back. I tried various changes and configurations to flatten my sail but it did not seem to make a positive difference. I may be needing to have the outhaul softer to give me good drive and power down low in the sail which should help balance the boat to reduce the rolling to windward and make the whole boat a lot more stable.

Other areas that let me down yesterday were capsizes and starts. I need to find a clear spot down the line rather than hunting for a gap up towards the boat, it’ll give me a clear lane and no complications around me as I get going. My capsizes were from having the boat heel on the outside of the turn in my gybes downwind; and upwind in some of my tacks I turned too quick and not having the boat level enough caused me to dive the bow. These mistakes cost me especially the capsizes on the downwind.

For the day I got a 29, 31, and 43 putting me in 37th overall.


Yesterday evening the race committee made he call to cancel racing for today due to the forecasted breeze which was predicting strong winds. I’m looking out the window now and seeing pine trees waving and lamp posts swaying in the winds and rain coating the window.

This morning there was a boat maintenance clinic followed by a Q&A with three of the top Waszpers, Rory (UK), Jon & Tom (AUS). The contents of these clinics were very insightful and were all recorded for reviewing. I got right into a servicing of my tiller/rudder adjustment system which was highlighted for maintenance requirements.


Racing is scheduled to get underway again tomorrow at 1 pm with the breeze looking steady for the day. I’ve got to get my starts sorted and minimise the mistakes around the course, just keeping my racing clean and taking some of the shared knowledge from todays Q&A to work on my speed particularly on the upwind. With that I should be able to improve my consistency and position in the fleet.