Code Zero Pro 3mm Thermal Hikepants are our latest evolution in sailing technology. Featuring Liquidseam silicon sealed Thermal Hikepants. They are constructed using X-Flex super stretch neoprene with Thermospan thermal lining, D3O impact kneepads; Powertex-4 durable seat panel and removable multi-layered heavy duty batten system for all sailing conditions.
Image result for gul code zero pro d30 thermal hike pantsFeatures:
– External liquid seams for 100% water seal
– X-FLEX: 150% super-stretch
– THERMOSPAN: ultimate insulation and warmth
– D30: impact
– High waist to reduce drag
– Adjustable shoulder straps
– POWER-TEX4: highly durable and flexible seat
– Articulated knee
– Removable multi-layered batten and foam pads
– Non-petroleum based neoprene

Our thoughts:
I have got the previous version of these GUL Hikers and they are extremely comfortable, the most comfortable pair of hikers I have had. They have stitch seam seal were as these have LiquidSeam Silicon and have a thermospan layer to help ensure a better chance of being warm. The previous version could get cooler on the lower half of the body so these new editions to the design will help prevent this. – Sean

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