Yesterday morning I woke up and the wind was a lot lighter than forecasted, but I knew that was going to change through the day, progressively getting windier and windier at around midday. These were not the best conditions for me but I had sailed and trained in these winds before so I had experience.

There was 3 race planned so we had to start earlier in the day. There was a change to the racing instructions, the BIC, Optimists and Hansa (sail-ability) fleet were all going to be racing together just outside the yacht club, which was great for spectators and a change to the course we had a windward leeward course.

Race 1 I place 4th after a not so good start and I struggled upwind but caught about 3 places through the race and had a big gain on their downwind legs. Race 2 I had a lot more focus and had a better start on the right side of the line. I felt that I was slightly slower on the upwind but I went to the favoured side to the course which helped me out. Once again I was quick on the downwind. Throughout this race the wind picked up once we finished they abounded racing so instead of doing 3 race as planned we only did 2.

The final results was 1st place Ted having a 1, 1, 1, 3, on the first day and a 2, 1, today dropping the third leaving him on 6 points. Second place Soren Johnston having a 2, 3, 2, 3, on the first day and a 1, 2, today dropping a third leaving him on 10 points 1 point in front of me third place having a 2, 3, 2, 1, not the first day and a 4, 3, today dropping a 4 with me on 11 points to see all the result for this regatta click here.

I think it was a great regatta, I learnt lots and improved through the racing, hopefully we can do it next year.