On Friday I headed up to the bay of islands to sail at the inter-schools intermediate regatta sailed by laser, starling, 420, optimist and o’pen bic which I am sailing. The conditions in the forecast varied greatly in comparison to what we have experienced. Today the wind was up and down ranging from 10 to 14 knots.

At the start of Saturday, it was light winds and dark clouds were forming. Heading out the wind was extremely light, it started raining just before the racing got underway. The first race I had a 2nd. I was extremely close to first, I just was sheeted in too much in the last leg to the finish which was a shame.

Between races the breeze shift around 30 degrees. In the second race, I finished up in 3rd. I had a really bad start, I was coming last, but I made major gains throughout the race to get back in it.

The next race saw me finish in 2nd again. I was quite disappointed because I was leading the race the whole way until the last leg where I was caught by the next boat and I lost a place.

The last race of the day gave me my best result, a first! I had a bad start but caught up on the second upwind, to be in second. I caught the final boat on the second to last leg of the race and finished just in front of him. This result puts me second overall on the scoreboard. Ted Houry is in 1st place on 6 points; I’m in 2nd place on 8 points and Soren Johnston is in 3rd place with 10 points so tight there’s plenty of competition going into tomorrow.