Over this weekend, I will be competing at the Junior Sail Auckland this is an annual event held at Kohimarama Yacht Club. Over 170 boats are competing at this event, sailing in many different classes. In my fleet, there are 13 competitors.

Race 1
In the first race, I had a great start with plenty of runway to power up, and I did not have anybody’s bad air on me which set me off for a good race. Through the whole upwind I sailed well and ended up rounding the top mark 2nd behind the regatta leader Aimee. I stayed that position through the entire race nearly catching her on the finish line, and she just got me by only being inches in front.

Race 2
I went to start the countdown on my start watch to find it had condensation underneath the glass, and the water had gotten onto the inside of the watch and broken it. So I had one of my friends count me down to the start. However, I was fortunate that they helped me out with that. I had a shocking start I rounded the top mark 5th and by the time I rounded the next mark I was 3rd. I once again almost caught up another place at the end.

Race 3
I had a slightly better start but not anything to be proud of. I rounded the top mark 5th once again and by the bottom mark I was 4th. I tacked out and went opposite to everyone else and made up some good ground I got a lift on the opposite tack meaning everyone else got a knock (everyone has to point a lot lower because the wind direction changed). I managed to move back up and finished 3rd.

Race 4
I had another poor start and tacked out to the opposite side of the course because I could see more pressure and wind. I made it around the top in 3rd position. At the bottom mark, I tacked out to escape other competitors and sail into clear air. At the finish, it was even closer than the first race I was either 2nd or 3rd I honestly didn’t even know who was in front until I saw the results but ended up 3rd.

After this first day, I have learnt im capable of digging myself out of a whole but need to stop getting into that position in the first place. I am sitting 3rd on the leader board so if I get four 1st today, I will be first by 1 point.