On Monday I attended the Mahurangi Intermediate Sailing event, which is held every year at the same time at Sandspit Yacht Club. There were 8 O’pen Bic’s competing which is what I was sailing as well as Starlings, Optimist, P class & 420’s. As we arrived in Algies Bay the breeze was a lot heavier than forecast. On my way out I discovered I had seaweed on my foils which was something I had to watch out for during the rest of the day.

On the first race, the course and instructions were set up differently to our briefing, for instance the length of the starting sequence; I came off the start line last but managed to catch up in the next two legs and ended crossing the finish line 3rd.

On the second race I had things sorted out. I had a average start a few seconds late and came out of the starting line mid fleet. I decided to go a completely different side of the course to all the others, which I thought this would be a good idea because I could get out of all the bad air and avoid contact with other boats I rounded the top mark 1st and fought for my place and finished 1st. After the two-morning races done, we headed ashore for lunch. After the first two races, I was tieing 1st place with another two sailors and the competition was close.

On the third race I had a good start but lost a few places on the first leg and ended up finishing 2nd leaving me 2nd overall on the leaderboard.

On the last race I would have liked to have got 1st or 2nd, I started out front but, on the 2nd leg I unfortunately dropped a few places and finished 4th leaving me 3rd on the leaderboard. That was our last race. It was a tight competition and at the prizegiving I received 1st girl and 3rd overall in my class.

Results: 3, 1, 2, 4