Last Saturday, Sunday and Monday, Sean and I had been competing in the Manly mid-winter cup in the open BIC. Looking at the conditions, it was meant to be windy throughout the regatta. There was a total 88 competitors in the open bic all together but were split into three fleets gold, silver, and bronze. Sean and I were both in the gold which had 28 competitors.

The first day the wind was going to be the lightest out of all, 10 knots gusting 17. We headed out the course which was a trapizoid, up to the top mark, down to the gate, back up to the top, to the wing mark and to the lower wing with a reach to the finish. The wind was relatively consistent, but towards the bottom of the course, the wind was stronger. There was still a decent swell which at times made the races quite challenging when the wind dropped. I had a 16, 9, 8, and a 7 leaving me 8th overall.

On day two the conditions were much the same, 14 knots gusts of 20. Out on the race course, the water was quite patchy. In the middle of the day after the second race, the wind completely died, and the races were abandoned. We waited for around 10 minutes for it to pick back up again and the races started. That day I had a 12, 16, 17 making me drop two places overall, putting me at 10 the winning competitor had had a 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 over the two days.

On Monday the last day of the regatta, the wind was the heaviest of all. The other fleets had to stay ashore the open bic gold fleet and lasers were still to race though. They had two races scheduled for us. The waves were big, hitting the beach and was rough getting out the first race. I struggled a bit keeping the boat going on the upwinds, but when it got to the downwind, I made up some of my lost ground. I capsized three times but finished that race 18. For the second race, I missed the start, so I headed in to get warm, and the wind kept on filling which would have made it harder for me.

For the final results, I finished 11, dropping one position from the day before. I was also the first girl it was a great regatta with a great finish.