Over the past two days, I have bee very busy out on manly bay sailing at the O’pen Bic 2019 worlds with a total of 134 competitors, from 7 countries all over the globe like Bermuda, Italy, Germany, and Hawaii.

I had a pretty bad day on the 29th and then made a significant comeback on the 30th achieve the results I had been hoping for through the regatta.

Day 1

The wind was light which made it even more important to start in clear air. My strategy for the first race was to stick to someone, follow what they do and try to catch them out on a rule like port and starboard, or leeward boat has rights, that half went to plan. I followed a girl called Breanne who is winning the regatta at the moment and also won pre-worlds, I knew she would make the right calls through the race, and it was tough to keep up with her. I finished 10th around 1 minute behind Breanne who won the race which means it is fierce competition.

 Over the next two races, I had some bad starts, I was in the second and third row being caught in the rising and falling air, along with the bad air coming of others competitors boats. In the last two races of the day, I finished 39th and 31. I know these two results will come back and haunt me at the end of the regatta and am able to drop one of them now, and hopefully the other one later after we have done some more races, but really that means I can’t have another bad race. After that day of racing, I was placed 22nd overall and second kiwi.

Day 2

Yesterday the wind was again forecasted light an was meant to swing north-west in the middle of the day. The race committee took one and a half hours to get the course set up which limited our time out there. This was a shame because I was having a great day and, needed to do another race so that I could get another drop.

 On the first race, I had an alright start toward the middle on the line in the first row, because of this I wasn’t caught in the backwind zone of the other boats. I rounded the top mark 15th and kept that position the whole way downwind. I was one of the very few boats to tack of onto starboard after rounding the port gate, but it paid off majorly I rounded the top mark 5th. On the reach we had to stand up for the freestyle leg of the course, after that there was just a downwind and another reach to the finish. On the downwind, a girl behind me caught up by pumping (which is illegal), a judge saw her and penalised her. I’m finding it quite weird having judges around on the course that are calling people out on the rules, and making them do there turn, because in all the other regattas I do that we have umpires, but they never pick up on any of the rules.

 On the next race, I had another rough start and struggled a little bit of the line, I rounded the top mark about the same as last time, 15th, and making up some places again on the second upwind beat, I finished 12th in that race by then it was 4.30pm, and we had to head ashore.

My overall result, has moved up from 22nd to 15th, I’m hoping over the next couple of race days I can get into top ten, it is definitely doable. Tomorrow is the next race day today is a break day to celebrate the new year.


Results Link Here