Over the past four days, I have been preparing my boat for the O’pen Bic Worlds, starting tomorrow, 27 December – 4 January which is going to be great fun and an unforgettable experience. I have registered and read the notices for the event, so my brothers, dad and I have been bringing my bic to a competitive standard I have learnt so much over these couple of days.
I have flipped my boat and sanded the bottom to get it smooth and the dents and cuts out to reduce the drag of my boat. Then we had all sorts of polishes and waxes out and have been applying them to my hull which has taken a few sessions because the type of plastic my boat is it is porous, so we have had to do layers, buff that into the boat, then polish it before doing the next layer.
Dad has filled my centerboard and rudder getting all the chips out of the tips then sanded them back to get the scratches out of the sides making them smoother. Sean has been splicing loops and control lines, optimising my rig setup we have filled the several joinings to my boat to make sure there are no leaks. After reading the courses that the committee have put up on the notice board for us, I have noticed that we have reaching courses were we have to stand up which meant I needed more grip, so we went and put grip pads on the sides of my boat giving me extra control in the heavier winds. 
This will be my first worlds regatta I’m really excited and hope I get good results I have put in so much hard work especially over the past six months I intend to post on a regular basis during the regatta so don’t forget to check them out.