The forecasts were nearly right. Saturday saw a moderate sea breeze roll in and provide some action for all the fleets made up of about 490 boats. Sunday was on the lighter end of the scale with racing being postponed through a chunk of the morning. When we did get out, it was defiantly summer, and we can tell you that after being baked out there.

Sean and Harper in the 29er had some good results on Saturday with 4, 10, 7 and 12 on the board and on Saturday their average slipped a little scoring 13,10, 8. Still learning lots, they finished up in 10th in a very competitive fleet.

Imogen improved through the regatta, also showing a strength in the lighter airs. On Saturday she got 11, 18 and 11. On the flip side, Sunday saw her jump on up the scoresheet with an 8, 6 and 11. This saw Imogen finish up 10th in the O’pen Bic fleet.

On Saturday the breeze filled to what should have been great foiling conditions for me in the Waszp. When not foiling I couldn’t find the same speed upwind as many of my competitors and as the breeze came in foiling upwind was a real struggle. I checked over my boat and the settings however there did not appear to be any evident breakdowns. I persevered and managed to improve my relative speed on Saturday to get 7, 6, 6. Sunday morning saw lubricant in all the control systems of my boat and despite the very light breeze on Sunday I wanted to get out and improve my light air techniques close the gap between myself and the top sailors in my fleet. We only managed to get two races in, and I was much closer to first than the proceeding day. Conditions like those you can appreciate how critical balance and trim of the boat is. On Sunday I scored two thirds, pushing me up the results to third place in my first Sir Peter Blake Regatta with the Waszp.

Again Torbay Sailing Club ran an excellent regatta, and the competition was at a great standard too. Hopefully next year there will be a bit more wind (for the foilers).