Finals, what a rollercoaster! After going into the second day on one loss, I knew I just had to make the top four for the final series. That entailed me having to win one more of the last two flights that remained. I won those two races convincingly. That leads on to the finals series which was postponed due to no wind and forced us to wait for the sea breeze to fill in, which it did.

The fleet was split into the top four, and the remaining total of eight was divided into two groups of four. In the top four, the top finisher of the round robin which was Thomas Mulcahy, who was given the opportunity to choose who he sailed against for the first match of best of three. I was not selected by him, so I was placed up against the other sailor. Tactically, Thomas pick the easier opponent so that he could make it to the top two and give himself the best shot at winning the event. The opponent I was placed against was a very strong sailor. I fought hard and had him in control both races. Well, unfortunately in the first race when I tacked into the hook, the umpire boat was there, so I had to avoid, thus letting him free. He started even with me but he was quicker upwind on average then me, also with an uneven race course that was skewed to the right meant that it was tough to catch up. In the next one, I got a great started but ended up on the lanes of another boat in another race, but there were not more available options, so I just had to try and hold on with my competitor who was to leeward but forward and in a clear lane. Unfortunately, that was to no avail, as a consequence, I did not make the final but made the petite final for the 3rd spot on the podium.

In the race for third place, I sailed to a very satisfying 2-0 win considering the disappointment, but still very happy to be on the podium and the knowledge, experience and warm up this regatta has provided for the fleet racing nationals which are beginning tomorrow.