With Day 2 of the Nationals cancelled due to high winds, with gusts of 60 knots which was blowing boats over in the boat park, we had the opportunity to go round Wellington and look around. In the morning we just did a drive around to see the different lifestyle and designs. In the afternoon we made the trip to see the Gallipoli display, this was incredible, the effort by Weta workshops was exceptionally, and the real items on display with all the stories made it very memorable.

Yesterday, I knew that I had to put in a considerable effort to close the gap that was opened on the first day by my competitors. I sailed smart in race one which was light, and I got on the inside of almost every pressure that I could get too and extended nicely. In race two there was a little more breeze, but I got locked tight to windward of another boat with a boat to windward, and I got squeezed out. I worked hard to find gaps and broke into a clear lane pretty efficiently. I then noticed a gradual shift to the left, and in hindsight, I should have tacked to the left and put some in the bank, but instead, I continued and ended up a distance from the leaders. Unfortunately, the downwind was a one gybe lane, so it was all following the leader. I choose the unfavoured gate in an attempt to get free space, and I did gain a few positions, but the front few were out of reach, I finished 5th. In the last two races, I sailed smart, had excellent starts and covered the fleet well with playing the shifts while sailing the fastest I could. In the last race, I had a good battle with another boat the whole way, and I just got him on the finish line, finishing the day with a 1, 5, 1, 1.

Those results moved me up into 2nd from 6th going into the last day which is only three points behind first with third position close behind both of us. Four races scheduled today, so it’s all to play for.