Another fun day at the Starling North Island Championships. I am starting to love getting back in the boat and the competition that is pushing me back into form. Light breeze in the first race building all day to a phenomenal final race in picture perfect conditions of 15+ knots of breeze.

The first race was yet again my nemesis and I got myself bounced around in the middle of the upwind beats until I finally broke out and got in a groove to recover to 6th, which in comparison to yesterday brought down my overall race day score 10 points lower from 18 to 8, showing the improvement over the conditions. The final two races were in the great breeze where I was able to bank to more bullets to end the day strong again.

Final day tomorrow with me sitting on 10 points overall, one point ahead of second so is all to play for tomorrow which will be interesting when the second drop potentially comes into play!