Over the weekend Sean and I have been competing in the Bay Of Islands at the Bay Of Islands Inter-Schools Regatta where over 75 boats were racing in seven classes of boats. The conditions where forecasted light but that was not the case, the wind at the end of both days picked up at the end up to about 18 knots.

On the first day, we had four races scheduled the wind was light about 9 knots. I had a good start on the first race and rounded the top mark 3rd, and by the time we reached the wing mark the girl in front of me made an error and didn’t know the course she started to head back upwind to the top mark instead heading to the bottom gate, I finished second in that race. In the next race, a storm cloud formed in the distance and we were waiting for it to come over the course because it would cause a wind shift and a difference in wind strength. In the second race the cloud didn’t go over I finished second in that race as well. In the next race the darkness came over the left side of the course I headed out to that and of the course with a small group of people, and it was definitely favourable seeing we all passed in front of the rest of the fleet I finished third in that race. In the next race, the cloud entirely covered the course and the wind increased to around 13 knots and shifted to the left where the cloud came from. I started at the pin, and we laid the top mark because after the wind changed, the course became skew. We reached the top mark, and I rounded third and finished in that position.

After day one I was 3rd on 10 points, second was on 9 points and first on 6 points, so there was all to play for.

On day two the race officers had three races scheduled it was the same course as the day before a trapezoid course. I had a good start and tacked out from the rest of the fleet after about 25 seconds. There was only another competitor that had tacked out with me, and it definitely paid off we sailed into a huge shift and crossed over the whole fleet I finished first in that race. In the next race I did much the same, I tacked off, but this time a more significant group followed around 5 people came to the left side of the course it was a tighter race between a girl and me, but by the bottom mark there was a good gap between us, and I won that race again. After this race I was winning the racing overall, but we still had one more race and the pressure on me was enormous. I had a shocking start I was literally last, I tacked off to the left side of the course as soon as I could I was the first one to do so because there was no one to stop me because I was so far back in the fleet. After a tough upwind beat, I rounded 7th and made up one more position before the finish. I finished 6th in that race.

Overall I finished 2nd I tied on first place with another person from school, but on countback, he won this was truly devastating for me after I worked so hard but I learnt lots and had fun, and the other competitor deserved it. Wentworth college podiumed in all fleets which is outstanding and made us first in the schools.