Haha it’s here. zon Saturday we caught word that the container was going to be opened and the waszps would be avalible for pick up. In excitement we swarmed towards the hive and carefully loaded the boat for transport.

When we got home the garage was preped and we took the top off the box and pulled everything out… well almost everything. After laying it all out we listed that we were missing our wings, sail and boom. This was extremely disapointing as with the long weekend it was looking as though I may have got a sail in.

Barry came round in search of wing corner caps which we seemed to be the only people to have. We were not going anywhere without our tramps or sail so we let him use them as they were the only parts he was missing. He told us he was having a hard time rigging the ride hieght adjuster and as it was one of the very few thing we could put together, we did. After tha we found we could put together the foils and attach the gantry to the stern.

So now we await the rest of the shippment, hopefully next weekend we will be able to give it a go after rigging through the week. Though we have had these troubles it is so nice to finally have it here.