The breeze came in a for racing and when the postponement flag finally dropped on the start boat we got into the first start & race of the Australian Waszp Nationals.

I set up towards the boat end and ran down the line to hit it foiling when the gun went. I found a gap and was away in the first row making for a great start. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get the same height as the boats down the line from me which found me in bad air. As soon as I had the opportunity to tack I did. I tack several more times on that same beat which led to me falling back into the pack. The rest of the race had similar issues, I finished 18th and 5th in the Junior division.

After the race I was passing a start-watch to a friend who had one that was not working correctly, and in doing so the boats became tangled and his foil punctured and tore my tramp. After separating the tear continued to grow with weight on the tramp. I couldn’t racing in the following two races and returned to shore to get started on replacing the torn tramp.

My boat is back up and running but unfortunately, my results have taken a hit. Over the next two days, I am going to work hard to climb back up the scoreboard. I have three improvement points for tomorrows racing which should make a significant difference to my racing.

Overall (currently 45th): 18 DNC DNC

Junior (19 and under): 5 DNC DNC

Full results here