Yesterday I made some small tweaks to my setup and the way I was sailing the boat and it was certainly a step in the right direction. As the day progressed many things got better too, particularly my tacking and starting which is something I need to continue to focus on over the coming racing.

In race 1 & 2 my starts were not great being late to the line and I fluffed some tacks putting me out the back and fighting back into the race. My downwinds were pretty good with nice gybes, good speed and no capsizing helping me reel ing several places. Upwind I certainly felt as though I fell into a good mode with relatively nice height and speed even more so on port. In both races I finished 30th.

In the third race I nailed a boat end start boosting off the line. I was right up there for most of the race but fell into a hole and lost about 100m or so on the second upwind of the race and probably choose the wrong side of the course for the downwind, it had great pressure at the top of the course but dropped and varied further down whereas the other side of the course had slightly lighter breeze but it was more consistent. I finished 21st in this race with the days results bumped me up to 32nd overall.

Today I have my key things to focus on and am going to try keeping things simple and smooth to cut out capsizes and other errors, I will also be making some small changes to my setup to hopefully improve my boat’s handling and speed today.