The breeze came in pumping yesterday afternoon making for an insane second race.

I was focusing on improving the consistency of my starts, in the first race I lined up behind the fleet with about 40 seconds to go and shot into a gap to be foiling on the start. Off the start everyone is sailing very high off the line, I popped into a lower mode and had good speed but with all the dirty air I wanted to get out to the right hand side of the course, as soon as I tacked out I had reasonable speed and was covering good ground. Tacking back I was looking okay in terms of where I was going to be slipping back into the fleet but as I continued coming across I could see the boats on the other tack pulling ahead. On the downwind I made some good ground on other boats gaining a few places before a capsize through one of the gybes.

On the second lap I tried further settings to try to improve my performance upwind. The changes made small differences to the boat but didn’t make the difference in the area I needed.

In the second race I tried sailing the boat quite differently in a more aggressive manner. After a terrible start (at least 10 seconds late) I tacked out straight away and was cranking to the right hand side again. The breeze really picked up in this race with the majority of the fleet capsizing at some point around the course. I made good ground throughout the race and coming into the finish I was closing in on 6 or 7 capsized boats until running over the top of a big wave, overflying it before coming crashing down. I got the boat back up quick to get by 4 of them.

Results: 44 36 | 35 overall

Australia Day

No racing today but I waited for the sea breeze to head out and try some big changes to flatten the sail and find a good mode for the upwind. Dad found a perch in the marina to get some video for us to review which is very helpful. The setup was certainly much better than the last couple of days of racing and felt much more controllable and balanced which is what has been lacking of late.


Tomorrow racing has been postponed to start at 4pm so by then we would expect a solid breeze. With 4 races to go I’m looking to make a big step up in the fleet.