Yesterday the Waszp Games came to an end with one final race held yesterday afternoon.

Day 5

The race committee pushed through 3 races due to the risk of not getting racing on day 6. I had a mixed bag of starts with some very good ones and some not as good. My results matched with a 43, 31, 41. I was still having capsizes on the downwinds with nose diving through gybes which cost me significantly. My sail setup looked good on the water in terms of the overall shape but I was probably sailing with too much outhaul in the first race and too little in the last which wouldn’t have helped me either. Overall I slipped from 35th to 40th with the days results.

Day 6

Yesterday the sea breeze slowly worked it’s way in and we got into some racing mid afternoon. This was my last chance to make improvements to recover some places on the scoreboard.

I hit the line foiling at good speed right at the boat for a mint start only to have the race recalled. In the second aptempt of a start I could see the boat crowding, so I pulled down the line and when a gap opened I got in there. Off the start I began to get the dirty of the boat right to windward and as the second boat began rolling to windward I looked for my opportunity to tack out to get some clear air. The racing was certainly a lot closer than earlier in the regatta and I was right in the race. On the downwinds I felt as though I could accelerate well on a low angle giving good burst VMG but after soaking the acceleration I returned to an normal angle. My tacks were all much better with smooth arcs without dropping the wings in the water allowing me to get a swift takeoff on the new tack. Through the race the boat still felt challenged and very hard to work, after the race I swapped boats with Josh to compare and his boat felt much lighter and easier to get and maintain a speedy mode with good height. The consensus was that my battens still had too much tension overpowering the setup.

I finished 31st in the race which moved me up one place to 39th. Far from my best set of results but this has been a regatta with a lot of learning and my first lot of big fleet Waszp racing. The boat has been packed up to return to New Zealand.

I definitely want to get stuck into the class, this regatta has shown how great the racing can be. The class has big plans and events running over the next couple of years including the worlds/games in Auckland just after the Americas Cup in 2021. Over the next couple of weeks we will be making plans for our Waszping roadmap and continuing the sailing with two regattas in March which I’m going to line up.