On Tuesday afternoon I arrived in Perth ahead of the 2019 Australian Waszp National Champs and World Waszp Games. Both events are being held a the Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club.

On my first afternoon, I got down to the yacht club to get my boat unpacked and start on the rigging of my boat. I made great progress completing the wings with all the control lines. That left me to complete my foils on Wednesday.

I arrived first thing in the morning on Wednesday to avoid some of the heat while having to get the remaining boat work complete. I got the gantry refitted and foils assembled with plenty of time for the adhesives to go off. The breeze was building the whole time I’d been working and continued to build to the point where when I managed to get out on the water it was really pumping, and I noticed setup issues quickly, and battling capsizes in the strong breeze I made my way back to shore. I spent most of the remainder of the afternoon fixing those issues.

This morning the breeze was looking really good even before I left for the club. Registration started at 1pm, so I got ready for a sail in the best of the breeze, rigging the boat was so much easier and a sign of better and more reasonable breeze for a sail. Heading out on the water it was noticeable how gusty it was on the river. I sailed down to the racing area, the breeze was better there but definitely still gusty and littered with jellyfish. I set new personal best upwind speeds getting over 16 knots which is quite a bit quicker than what I had been getting to at home. There were only two other boats out at the stage, and I matched up against them, and it felt very nice. The facts my tacks were smoother with quick takeoffs on the new tack and only 3 or 4 splashes while training is very promising. Minimising the number of mistakes is going to be crucial for the coming racing. I had to make some rigging adjustments to ensure my boat meets class rules and allow my registration for the events to be completed.

Tomorrow afternoon the Australian Nationals kickoff with around 60 competitors entered. The wind should be similar to that we saw today, which should make for some great racing.